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Media & Compounds
Desoxy "Deoxidizing" by silver bath/electrolyse

"MOREILLON-Desoxy" soap-powder

low alkali content, to refresh the colour of oxidized silverware on an electrolysis basis. The dissolved soap-powder is added to the hot water at min. 45 degrees C (105° F), giving a protective and water-repellent film on the treated items, no more rinsing under water before burnishing the items!

Packing: carton with 8 kg net/ Dosage: approx. 170 g/50 litres of water
DOWNLOAD Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Polish "Burnishing" with carbon steel or stainless steel balls

"MOREILLON-Polish" soap-powder

for burnishing of all precious and semi-precious metals and stainless steel with polishing balls of carbon steel or stainless steel, lubricates the process and the driving parts of the machine such as shafts and conveyor belt, covers the treated items with a protective and water-repellent film.

Packing: 8 kg net / Dosage : approx. 170 g/50 litres of water
DOWNLOAD Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Polishing balls Ball media for "Burnishing"

Polishing balls ∅ 3/16" (approx. 4,75 mm)

of stainless steel AISI 420 tempered and polished at great brilliance

Packing: in cartons with 10 kg each
Polishing balls