Moreillon Gastrotechnik AG, CH-8272 Ermatingen/SWITZERLAND
Telephone +41 (0)71/664 12 64 - Fax +41 (0)71/664 12 32
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Address: Moreillon Gastrotechnik Pte Ltd.
Klinglerstrasse 27
CH-8272 Ermatingen (TG)

Telephone: +41 (0)71 664 12 64

How to reach the visitor's entrance on the Klinglerstrasse:

From the motorway Zürich-Kreuzlingen:
Leave motorway at exit Müllheim - direction Müllheim - Kreuzlingen/Konstanz After Müllheim straight on for about 6 km until reaching a roundabout at a company named ThurMetall. Take the third exit for Gottlieben/Konstanz. Turn left in the pine forest signposted Ermatingen. Enjoy the downhill approach and panoramic lake view. Moreillon Gastrotechnik is the first building on the right immediately after the vineyards.

Approach from Schaffhausen:
Drive right through Ermatingen until ESSO filling station. Shortly afterwards turn right at crossroads signposted Engwilen. After a short uphill climb Moreillon Gastrotechnik is the last building on the left.

Approach from Kreuzlingen/Constance:
On approaching the village and passing the Ermatingen nameplate and soon afterwards a small showroom on the left (Teppich-Ernst) turn left at the next crossroads direction Engwilen. It is the last building on the left after a short uphill climb and before the vineyards commence.

Important information for delivery vehicles:
Goods cannot be accepted at the visitor's entrance on the south side of the building (Klinglerstrasse). Drivers are requested to use the ramps on the north side (Fidlerstrasse 10). Access is from the main road Schaffhausen-Kreuzlingen signposted "Industriegebiet Fidler".