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"Ball burnishing on the conveyor-belt" is suitable for all metals, whether silver plated, solid silver, steel, copper, brass, bronze, pure-aluminium, gold, stainless steel, polished pewter etc.

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"Ball burnishing" smoothes and hardens the metal surface with no loss of material, removes organic residues, rust, lime, coffee/tea/wine deposits.

"Ball Burnishing" is the efficient method to mechanically clean, polish and care for table and kitchenware as well as medical and dental tools.

Items are hardened and polished in a mass of steel balls, often in a vibrating bowl or rotating hexagonal or octagonal drum, submerged in a lubricant of soapy water. The action of these containers is non-abrasive and the hammering will harden and seal the surfaces from all sides. Plating, for example, is hammered firmly onto its base metal preventing it from lifting. Polished items have a much longer life-expectancy as the compacted surface is more resistant to wear, scratching and corrosion.

Legend 1: 1 = base metal, 2 = silver surface, 3 = polishing ball, 4 = rotation of ball, 5 = global pressure of balls

Burnishing in vibrators or rotating drums has the disadvantage of leaving visible indentations on large surfaces and soft metals (the so-called "orange-peel" or "hammer" effect), a well-known and typical side-effect.

The patented GOLIATH 2000 construction sets completely new standards for surface quality. The polishing balls, which are held in an open trough lined with an endless conveyor-belt, roll firmly and smoothly with absolutely no vibration or unbalance. This harmonious and continuous movement results in a smooth and firm, but very gentle, "massage" of the surface metals with no damage or indentations being caused by the polishing balls even to delicate, flat and thin items.

GOLIAT 2000 grows with your growing business

Easy extension to a working system thanks to the GOLIATH 2000 compact and standardized add-ons.

GOLIATH 2000's open-trough construction enables continuous access during the entire polishing process. Items can be removed for examination and reinserted at any time without interrupting operation. With the patented and easy-to-use sorting basket small items can be quickly separated from and lifted out of the media, leaving the polishing balls in the trough and the burnisher immediately ready for re-loading.

The tedious search for polished items in the mass of steel balls is no longer necessary. In just three easy steps the finished items can be gently separated and lifted out of the polishing balls. The baskets are RILSAN-coated and available in a variety of mesh-sizes.

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