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Moreillon Gastrotechnik AG is based in Ermatingen, a former fishing village on the south banks of Lake Constance, just a few kilometres westward of the German border town of Constance. Moreillon has been in Ermatingen since 1963. It is a small company which, thanks to patented developments and improvements is active worldwide. The new building "im Fidler" accommodates the entire company from offices and assembly workshops to planning and development and despatch.
The Moreillon-Team comprises:

Jean-Claude A. Moreillon
Managing Director since 1975
Jacqueline Schmid
Office since 1990
Rolf Ribi
Production since 1972

First Moreillon Machine 1948
Ray. F. Moreillon, Ing
Adertisement in 1963
Moreillon building from 1963 - 1992
The mayor of Brussels and Ray- F. Moreillon, Ing. (Inventors Exhibition 1970)
J-Cl. A. Moreillon
Cut with a spade in April 1991
September 1991
Rolf Ribi / J-Cl. A. Moreillon
1948 first construction of a ball burnishing machine by Raymond F. Moreillon, Ing.
1959 Formation of Ingenieurbüro Ray. F. Moreillon, Ing. in Bassersdorf/ZH and commencement with production of Burnishing Machine MINOR exclusively for Béard Ltd. in Montreux
1960 Construction and sale of the burnishing machine GOLIATH
1961 Construction and sale of the burnishing machine MAMMUT
1963 Relocation of the company from Bassersdorf to Ermatingen/TG on Lake Constance
1966 first extension of the premises
1968 Construction of the ball burnisher GOLIATH II with conveyor-belt.
1970 GOLIATH II wins the gold medal at the Inventors Exhibition in Brussels
1978 second extension of the premises
1979 Formation of Moreillon Gastrotechnik by son Jean-Claude A. Moreillon and continuation of the production
1987 Transformation to a limited company (Co., Ltd.)
1991 The first cut with a spade for the new building "im Fidler" Ermatingen
1992 Move into the new building with a total of 1600 m² floor space
1993 Development and production commencement of the MINOR II
1994 Construction and patent registration of the sorting basket for a speedy removal of the polished items after polishing.
1999 New development and introduction of the new burnishing range GOLIATH 2000.
2002 Production Manager Rolf Ribi celebrates his 30 year-jubilee with the company.
2008 Development and start of production of „DESOX 2000“, the first “wellness” bath for deoxidising silver without corrosive media.